Thursday, 22 April 2010

Perhaps they were gossiping about this new style suit!!

I think last weeks ladies could have been gossiping about this young lady in her new style suit!
Made from my own pattern in the style of a 1912 walking suit.

This lady will shortly be available on my website £65.


  1. The new suit for certain. But I'll be gossiping over the beautiful hat darling!
    I'm partial to vitorian hats and yours are fabulous!
    Have a wonderful day today!

  2. She's so elegant. I adore the little details in your design: the buttons, the touch of blue at the neckline and, of course, that hat! I also love the fact that the suit is monochrome -- it really sets off her pale complexion and vivid hair. Wonderful!

  3. His works are fantastic.
    A carmen hug.

  4. Es todo un honor para mi que una gran artista como usted visite mi pequeño blog.
    conocía sus trabajos a través de la revista casa de muñecas, y todos sus trabajos me parecen geniales

    It is the whole honor for my that a great artist since you visits my small one blog.
    It knew his works across the magazine house of wrists(dolls), and all his works seem to be to me brilliant

  5. Me encanta el vestido y todos sus detalles, el negro y gris de la tela es todo un acierto.
    besitos ascension

  6. Beautiful striped suit. Love the monochrome look, and the hat is to die for.