Tuesday, 9 November 2010

1/24th scale Georgian Lady

 Well I've been playing with clay!  I've made this lady using a 1/24th doll mold but with clay, I had to sculpt the arms myself which wasn't too difficult. I've been meaning to make some 1/24th scale ladies for some time now and she was great fun to do. I'd be interested in hearing any comments about her and how I can improve.
I have taken a couple of photos with her next to a £1 coin so you can how tiny she is.


  1. Shes lovely Mary, her face is very pretty and detailed. I would just tweak the hands a little bit next time.

    LOrra Luffies

    Debie xxx

  2. the face is lovely, I agree with debie the hands need to be tweeked a bit there are some great tutorials on that cause I'm in the position myself with a fae I'm sculpting

    good job and lovely costume


  3. She is so nice and lovely, very well.

  4. First attempt! Wow - well done, she's lovely. If you're not used to sculpting in the scale - hands are tricky, practice......that's all.

  5. I think she is beautiful! Love her dress!